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We are passionate and hence work hard to improve the status quo by creating Real Estate Investment Solutions, extending relentless support, and providing seamless access to both real estate investors, amateur and novice.

Our properties are designed with innovative concepts to maximize functionality with top-notch infrastructure like effective drainage systems, energy-efficient solar-powered street lights, constant electricity, and water supply, sophisticated security systems, etc. We are committed to providing a secure and valuable investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime while delivering high-quality residence

Florian Estate

A residential masterpiece, located in Aponmu, Akure, Ondo State with over 1000 thoughtfully planned plots. This visionary community redefines luxurious living, a serene sanctuary amidst lush greenery. Neighborhood - Best Solution Polytechnic - 10 minutes drive from Nigerian Army Barracks - 12 minutes from City Centre

Introducing BMC Estate

BMC Estate is a Master Planned Estate aimed at producing the most extensive housing solution within the south-south and southeast region of Nigeria. With 7,000 serviced plots, it is projected to accommodate 10,000 home units, with different development phases and plot sizes to accommodate the Elite, Middle Class and Low-Income Earners.


Head Office

1st Floor Wema Bank Building, Oyemekun Road, Akure, Ondo State Nigeria.

Phone: 08034987758, 08130015544,

Email: info@boinghomes.com

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